Courting the Moon

Ever since I was a little girl, I enjoyed admiring the moon, especially the round full moons, because I find it absolutely stunning contrasting against the still darkness. I would count down the dates till the next full moon and even now as a woman, I associate the moon with pleasure, happiness and beauty. Add the fact, that I grew with passionate literature from my culture praising the moon, it is no wonder that I am still am very much obsessed about the moon for it is a grand motivator to bring forth beauty in both our hearts and mind. Here are some that I really love and I hope you would too!

Sources :

Artwork design : @rosesandbrimstonerosesandbrimstone2020

2 thoughts on “Courting the Moon

  1. The moon is the sun of the night and the sun is the moon of the day. But the moon is more special beacuse only for few days allow us to observe all her beauty.
    And remember: at every sunset there is a moonrise and at every moonset there is a sunrise.

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