I have decided to love those that are close to my heart with all of my heart, and without restraint. I think I would be the happiest if I were to not hold back especially on those that I trust. Life is so short, it is so fleeting and we humankind are so delicate like a flower in the field. We only have so much we can do in our earthly life and I think I want to life my life with love, in every facet without doubts and drowning in the hurts that I did before, for it holds me back from loving the way I know best. Unconditionally.

If we humans are gifted with the ability to love, care and empathise , then I think we should make use of it fully. I would like to be optimistic and hopeful . I pray for hope, for hope to fill all of our hearts for without hope, I wouldn’t have the courage to love. Never do I want to fear loving another, or to feel happiness because of being sorely disappointed. Why was I created the way that I am? To feel, sense, and perceive subtle energies, and to feel this deeply, to cry when others cry, and to laugh when others laugh. I used to think it was a curse of being an empath but lately I am starting to see it as a gift. In a world, where not many takes the time to listen , to have the natural ability to not only listen carefully to just the words uttered but also the heart’s cry is a beautiful blessing. Granted not many can understand why you do certain things, and there are those who might doubt who you might really be, all I can say is that I am done running from who I am. I am not the most righteous person , but I want to strive to be a good person each day especially to those in my little world and hopefully when I pass, I hope to be remembered as someone who loved deeply with all her heart. That way, I know that my life was worth living. Let’s not take granted of the time we think we have. Treat each other gently with love and sweetness, for we are all are like the flowers in the field. Human-likeness is beauty, grace, and fragility. I think to love , is the greatest gift of all. Be kind.

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